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System Design

Software architecture is important for scalability and maintainable code. Model–view–controller (MVC) pattern and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) allows for complex business applications without sacrificing user experience.

We are experienced in multiple disciplines of software architecture patterns, which includes layered systerm architectures, microservices, and even pushing traditional monoliths to the extreme.

Agile Sprints

Scrum is a popular agile framework that is used by many developers. We use an in-house scrum method that allows for flexible development of new features while prioritising product deployment.

We are experts in mid to long term software sprints in various phases of project the lifecycle, from planning to deployment.

Proof of Concept

We build production ready MVPs and prototypes that are good for testing ideas or testing the market. Our rapid-prototyping and iterative approach will ensure we will work with you until your product is market ready.

We take speed seriously, and this includes speed of development, speed of deployment, system's performance, while not forgetting system maintainability for small projects to huge systems.

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